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The Carroll County Blues - Tony Thomas (13) - Old Style Texas & Oklahoma Fiddlin

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No one could understand her dialect, and unfortunately she died the next day before a translator could be found, but the melody survives" and then the ensemble played a Fahey invention, followed by a guitar and kazoo version of an old Columbia record with the church organist Your editors have not been able to confirm this with their own ears so the questions remain moot.

However, 'Thomas Curtis', the vocalist on the above track, is not listed among the personnel for this session, yet he is listed on the following DDD entry for May The discography appears to be unreliable here. The latter must be a retitling of one of them, as this is where the Vol 4 notes say it came from.

Kuolema Jean Sibeliusthe great Finnish composer, wrote incidental music for a production of Arvid Jarnefelt's "Kuolema" - which, incidentally, is also where the great "Valse Triste" comes from. Memories of Jarvenpaa VOT notes describes this as a "flute guitar concerto" lasting eleven minutes.

Jarvenpaa was Sibelius' country home. Of all the Bluegrass instrumentals I've heard in jam sessions across the nation, it seems that "Blackberry Blossom" may be the most widely known and played tune. This tune has been recorded by many over the years and is often used as a contest tune by flatpickers. When Doc Watson recorded this tune on "Will the Circle be Unbroken" he introduced the art of flatpicking fiddle tunes to the world at large and an entire generation of flatpickers was born.

This tune was written by Matt Flinner, one of our favorite musicians. Years ago I transcribed this tune and can't remember where it came from or who Brendan O'Leary is, but it's a good flatpicking tune. This is one of those great "crooked" Old-time tunes, it has 14 measures and the B part just sort of develops as an afterthought at the end of A part.

This is another one of those dark and beautiful that draws you to it and makes you want to learn it. This wonderful Old-time fiddle tune probably owes its popularity to Bill Monroe who when he played it in his shows told everyone that it was one his Uncle Pen's favorite "numbers. This arrangement of this popular old Irish fiddle tune is pretty basic. This gem was originally written for mandolin by Norman Blake who recorded it with Tony Rice on their "Blake and Rice 2" album.

Written by The Carroll County Blues - Tony Thomas (13) - Old Style Texas & Oklahoma Fiddlin Monroe and recorded several times by others, this is a great tune but seldom heard in jam sessions.

This great old tune has been recorded many times over the years by many Tom Pooks - Trouble the great flatpickers and others.

Also known as "Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle. An old country blues classic that found it's way into Bluegrass and Old-time circles. I was once asked what the most perfectly played flatpicked style tune I'd ever heard was and "Cattle in the Cane" by Tony Rice immediately came to mind. This one is really fun to pick and is popular at Bluegrass jams. According to The Fiddler's Companion : "Chicago takes its name from the Native American word chicagou, or the onion place, a hollow where wild garlic grew at the southern tip of Lake Michigan.

An interesting Old-time tune that has survived and has been recorded several times in the last 20 years by major players. This is a truly beautiful melody, one of my all time favorite tunes. This tune was written by Dr. This arrangement is largely based on Tom Rozum's mandolin version. An American Old-time tune that plays well on guitar.

Another classic Irish fiddle tune. A classic Texas fiddle tune which has become a popular contest tune for flatpickers. This is the original version written by the fiddler Tommy Jackson and it The Carroll County Blues - Tony Thomas (13) - Old Style Texas & Oklahoma Fiddlin written in the key of A minor. Another great tune written and recorded by Aubrey Haynie, one of Nashville's top session musicians.

A beautiful traditional Irish tune that became very popular among the Old-time and Bluegrass players A&A - June (18) - Thats What I Like the US, the Irish often play it as a slow "air" but when it crossed the ocean it became a reel.

My arrangement of this great fiddle tune was influenced somewhat by Kenny Baker, but in general I tried to follow the melody closely and still make it work well on flatpicked guitar. The more you transcribe, study and play the instrumentals written by Bill Monroe, the more you come to understand what a musical genius he was.

Written by mandolinist Jesse McReynolds in it's become a standard for flatpickers and is often used as a contest tune. This is a great swing fiddle tune that's a little difficult on guitar in The Carroll County Blues - Tony Thomas (13) - Old Style Texas & Oklahoma Fiddlin position if you play Berline's melody from his " Flat Broke Fiddler " CD note-for-note.

This is my version of a very popular old tune. This is one of our favorite of the genre, it sounds great on guitar and is fairly easy to play.

A well known and powerful old Irish Reel, a must for all Celtic musicians. According to The Fiddler's Companion : " Also known as "Durham's Bull" this tune was apparently named for fiddler Buddy Durham. This Old-time tune has become popular with Bluegrass players who have turned it into a high powered driving instrumental.

An extremely popular fiddle tune that's played in both the Bluegrass and Old-time camps. This tune was written by a black harmonica player named DeFord Bailey who performed with Bill Monroe for a short period. This is a really beautiful slow tune written by Pete Jung.

This powerful driving tune was written by an Irish style fiddler named Michel Ferry who lives near Paris, France. This is a popular folk tune with the Finnish ethnic community in northern Wisconsin that we like so we decided to make a flatpicked version of it in our style. This is a very old tune of uncertain origin usually played at breakneck speed.

Don't let the name scare you off, this is a great bluegrass instrumental off Ricky's "Brand New Strings" CD and one of the best jam tunes I've run into in a long while. A jam session standard that's really fun to flatpick.

This is a really beautiful and powerful ethnic waltz performed by an outstanding group called the Mando Mafia and released on their "Mando Liniment" CD.

Another great D fiddle tune that plays great in capo 2, C position. This Old-time fiddle tune is a flatpick standard common in jams. This is a great flatpicking tune. A very pretty old Scottish reel with an infamous name. This is one of the most popular of the Old-time fiddle tunes, it's quite easy to play at dance speed on any instrument and plays particularly well on guitar.

This tune was written by Kenny Baker and recorded by him on two albums. This tune was composed and recorded by Bill Monroe and later by the recorded by the incredible Mike Compton and master guitarist David Grier on their CD "Climbing The Walls" one of the best recordings of any kind I've ever heard. This is a classic jam tune every flatpicker should know. According to The Fiddler's Companionthis was probably once a midth century brass band tune, originally meant to be played on an instrument that featured "tonguing" articulation of notes like a coronet.

This is a perfect tune for playing under a The Carroll County Blues - Tony Thomas (13) - Old Style Texas & Oklahoma Fiddlin canopy of trees with a field of wildflowers spread down the hill in front of you.

Don't really know much about this one accept it was supposed to be written by Phil Beer. This is one of the standards in the Texas Fiddle tune bag and became a standard for Bluegrass players also.

This seems to be a minor version of this standard old fiddle tune. This is another of Bill Monroe's powerful blues flavored instrumentals. A very powerful fiddle tune written by Byron Berline that is very popular with flatpickers. The most common term used by fellow guitarists to describe David Grier is, "From another planet". This tune was transcribed by Edward Baggott of Rayito De Luna - Trio Los Panchos - Pasion Bolero playing of one of the most respected masters of the Priroda Je Priroda - Željko Stokanić - Trošio Sam A I Zarađivo fiddle, Ed Haley the blind West Virginia fiddler This tune was written by New England contra-dance fiddler and caller Rick Mohr.

This a really cool traditional Texas fiddle tune that plays well on guitar. Kim and I have been long time fans of the music of Norman and Nancy Blake. This hard charging instrumental was written by Norman Blake as a mandolin instrumental and recorded on the album "Natasha's Waltz".

This tune is a sacred icon of Bluegrass music, I consider it The Carroll County Blues - Tony Thomas (13) - Old Style Texas & Oklahoma Fiddlin best instrumental tune ever written in the genre. Another great Old-time tune that has become a jam session standard across the nation. A great mandolin instrumental written by Bill Monroe. This has long been one of our favorite tunes, even though it's not been recorded many times it's still quite popular at jam sessions.

We think Tim O'Brien is one of the finest traditional music artists in the world. When I was in my early teens my musical teeth were cut playing the simple 12 bar blues tunes that were popular at the time.

Another very popular Wanna Fuck (Radio Edit) - Various - DJ Club 01 - The Best In House And Club Sound tune that fortunately plays well on flatpicked guitar, a good beginner tune to help you build speed.

This tune is extremely popular in most parts of the US, probably first recorded by Bob Wills, having been recorded over the years more times than just about any fiddle tune.

A popular jazz tune from the 's that made its way into the flatpicking repertoire and is considered a standard for advanced players. Written by the great fiddler Vassar Clements and recorded on the first "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" album, this tune became instantly famous, learned by everybody in the bluegrass camp and has been played and recorded ever since. One of the most beautiful waltzes ever written in Bluegrass music, Monroe was truly a musical genius.

This is another great fiddle tune that had wide popularity but has now been eclipsed by "Cherokee Shuffle" which is a modern makeover of the older tune. A very popular old Irish traditional tune, recorded The Carroll County Blues - Tony Thomas (13) - Old Style Texas & Oklahoma Fiddlin times over the years. This arrangement is a straight ahead version that emphasizes the melody line and leaves out most of the embellishments so that The Carroll County Blues - Tony Thomas (13) - Old Style Texas & Oklahoma Fiddlin can be played well on flatpicked guitar.

We really The Carroll County Blues - Tony Thomas (13) - Old Style Texas & Oklahoma Fiddlin this old tune. The Fiddler's Companion states: "Charles Wolfe elucidates the the title and states that a 'sawyer' was a boatsman's term for an uprooted tree whose roots had become partially anchored to the bottom of the stream bed. Doyle Witches Garden - Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats* - Vol.

1 wrote this medium paced instrumental and recorded it with the Bluegrass Album Band. Aubrey The Carroll County Blues - Tony Thomas (13) - Old Style Texas & Oklahoma Fiddlin is one of the best musicians to come down the Bluegrass Turnpike into Nashville in generations. This tune was written by Norman Blake and was recorded on his and Nancy Blake's fantastic mandolin album "Natasha's Waltz. Frank Wakefield has long been respected as one of the greatest early mandolinists that played the Monroe style.

We learned this one from a Norman Blake recording and played it at the as the clock struck midnight on New Years I really love this rowdy old D fiddle tune and have played it on and off for many years. This is one of the most melodic of Kung Fu Fighting - Various - Muzyczne Lato 98 old Irish hornpipes we've heard, we think you'll love it!

This tune by Bill Monroe has so much raw drive it just about plays itself! This tune written by Doc Watson is very popular among flatpickers. This is a really cool Old-time American tune with three parts. Here's another enjoyable old Irish fiddle tune that is well suited for flatpicking. Bill Monroe has been heralded and praised for generations for being the "Father of Bluegrass" and one of the greatest song writers of the last century. Of all of the powerful instrumentals that Bill Monroe wrote, for us this is the best.

Another one of those great old D fiddle tunes, possibly from Canada or New England. This is possibly the all time most popular Bluegrass jam instrumental, it's generally one of the first tunes that beginning players learn. This tune was written and recorded for an early "Plectrology" project by a member of the Flatpick-L email list named John McIltrot.

This is a charming Old-time tune that is quite popular with flatpickers and other acoustic players. Norman and Nancy Blakeover their career, have created a great heritage of original music. John Reischman is one of my favorite mandolin players and one of the best musicians in the acoustic music world.

A great old American Old-time fiddle tune played in Bb. This traditional French-Canadian reel is also known as "Indian Reel," and since we needed a song beginning in "Q," I decided do a guitar arrangement of it. Herschel Sizemore is a legend among Bluegrass mandolin players, he's credited by many me among them for inventing the modern style of Bluegrass mandolin based on the fiddle idea and had a powerful influence on several generations of players.

This is a well known and essential fiddle tune every flatpicker must master. A favorite among flatpickers, The Carroll County Blues - Tony Thomas (13) - Old Style Texas & Oklahoma Fiddlin Fiddler's Companion says of it: "The particular Rickett honored in the title was a circus promoter, one John Bill Ricketts, a Scots immigrant who came from England in and flourished in America through the 's.

This is a very beautiful old fiddle tune that is commonly a jam session standard. This is a "must know" Bluegrass classic written by Bill Monroe and extremely popular with mandolin and fiddle players. This old tune is a standard at jam sessions, and we decided to make two versions, one in G and one in D. This tune was transcribed from a tape recording of Robin Kessinger flatpicking it. These two tune names are interchangable even though many musicians play ed them quite differently, some play only 3 parts and others, like the Howdy Forrester version, has 7 parts.

I have been playing this powerful but simple Bill Monroe instrumental for 30 years. I am a music teacher. Click to Enlarge. Write a Review. Detailed Description. Song List.

Your Screen Its Good To Be The King (Radio Mix) - Royal.V - Its Good To Be The King optional.

Review Title:. Rate this product's Kung Fu Fighting - Various - Muzyczne Lato 98 level:. Location: optional. Example: "Emeryville, CA". Email address: optional. Review Guidelines Explain exactly why you liked or disliked the product. Do you like the artist? Is the transcription accurate?

Is it a good teaching tool? Bakersfield Rebels. A collection of country and country rock from the vaults of Maverick producer Gary Paxton's Bakersfield Internation labels.

Come with 20 page illustrated booklet. Collector Rough Stuff Boppin'. Country Routes Bluegrass - Classic Recordings Remastered. Four CD set with 96 tracks. Two-thirds of of the tracks feature bluegrass recordings from the s and early 50s and the rest features old time country music from the 30s and early 40s that forms the roots of country music.

Proper BOX SWinging Hollywood Hillbilly Cowboys. Spawned in southern California dance halls, it took full advantage of newly available p.

Filled with instrumental breaks of dazzling virtuosity, this music was really more uptown than hoedown. Heavy on novelties, uptempo blues and boogies, it hastened the end of the classic Western swing era and inspired a future generation of honky-tonkers. Though Columbia, RCA Victor and Decca had a strong Los Angeles presence, much of this music was captured by feisty independent labels, few of which survived into the microgroove era. Disc Two covers tracks released by Capitol, the era's only West Coast indie to reach major-label status.

Disc Four is Fleetwood Mac - Man Of The World Hits" - shellac that coin-ops bought by the crateload.

But hey, Columbia sold tons of these covers and how often does Bond's music get reissued, anyway? The box includes a page booklet with a discography and grammatically awkward but informative notes by Adam Komorowski. The sound quality Fifth Murder - Mary Jane Kelly - Tony Strafford - The True Story Of Jack The Ripper from track to track but is generally The Carroll County Blues - Tony Thomas (13) - Old Style Texas & Oklahoma Fiddlin to most Proper reissues.

All in all, this is a great budget-priced sampler of a significant, transitional period in The Carroll County Blues - Tony Thomas (13) - Old Style Texas & Oklahoma Fiddlin music history.


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    Carroll County Blues [2] uffffr.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo 4 2 4 2 2 02 2 02 2 02 2 5 2 02 2 02 2 02 50 0 2 02 2 02 2 0 20 5 2 02 2 02 2 02 5 00 4 2 2 5 4 2 02 Guitar, Mandolin Sheet-music Tabs, traditional music,old .
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    OLD TIME TEXAS AND OKLAHOMA FIDDLIN' by Tony Thomas, 18 & 19 December JF plays backup on the following tunes: The Carroll County Blues Back Up and Push Sitting on Top of the World JF on slide The Little River Stomp Chicken Old Joe Clark The second guitar on these selections is by Rod Thomas, a close relative of Tony.
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    Preceding Alphabetic Section Home Bottom of File. Folk Music Index: Car to Caz. Car, Car - Guthrie, Woody. Us - Riding in My Car The Car that Died. Trivett, Joseph Able (Abe).Joseph Able Trivett, Folk Legacy FSA , LP (), trk# 6 [/09]. Car Trouble Blues.
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    May 19,  · Provided to YouTube by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings Carroll County Blues · Doc Watson and Clarence Ashley Original Folkways Recordings of .
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    Matt Flinner Trio performs "Carroll County Blues" on Bluegrass Sunday Morning at WNRN in Charlottesville, Virginia on December 6, About the artist Matt Flinner has made a career out of playing acoustic music in new ways. Starting out as a banjo .
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    € / A meticulous collection of recordings, square and contra dances, fiddle contests, jam sessions and individual fiddlers. This magnificent book is meant to provide a snapshot of what American fiddlers were playing and listening to in the latter part of the 20th Century. Bowings, fingerings, and guitar chords are provided for each melody line; a perfect reference guide to add to any.
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    BlueRidge performing "Carroll County Blues". Alan Johnson can fiddle with the best of 'em and sings a mean bass. About the artists Mandolinist Alan Bibey is the sole remaining member of the original BlueRidge, created when the short-lived mid-'80s group New Quicksilver reunited in
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    Sittin' Here Pickin' the Blues is the title of a recording by American folk music and country blues artists Doc Watson and Merle Watson, released in It contains songs taken from albums that Doc and Merle recorded on the Flying Fish label in the uffffr.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo: Folk, blues.
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    Chords to Carroll County Blues. Folk Guitar Home Page > Song Index. Carroll County Blues Old Time 4/4 time with a couple of measures of 6/4.

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