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P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2

31.01.2020 Malamuro 9 Comments

Download P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2

On this page, locate the Download button and then click it to start the download. If you want a smaller x86 only installer you can find it P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2. If you need to install on ia64 then use the ia64 installer found here.

To start the installation immediately, click Run. To save the download to your computer so that you can install it later, click Save. Thank you P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 visiting Datafilehost.

We appreciate your visit and hope that you enjoy the download! We appreciate your loyalty. Please enjoy dotNetFx40 Full x86 x64 or check Attached Thumbnails. You can buy a new plug from ebay "4 wire amp superseal" or splice into the old plug and use that. I'll have a look on ebay but will P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 just splice and tape it all up. Posting Rules You may not post new threads. BB code is On.

Smilies are On. Forum Rules. The time now is Contact Us Advertising Privacy Rules. Thread Tools. Punto MK2 Lambda Sensor Need to replace it as wires got pulled out and bent the sensor when we hit some low ground Managed to resolder wires but engine management light stays on so looks like the sensor is fcuk'd Will the engine management system need a reset or will fitting the new sensor reset the light?

Thanx for the offer but won't be able to take it up. Enough Records Radio Show, curated by ps, two hours of sounds taken from Enough Records eclectic and extensive back-catalogue.

Dark ambient album by Russian project Alex Mason. Hungry, gray, uninhabited forest. For many miles there is not a soul around and there is only a lonely house in the middle of the thicket. A person who strayed from the road really needs help, but the feeling of anxiety does not leave him even for a Playful electronica album by Spanish project Chuzausen. Vocal samples taken from US Ella Mae Morse With Dave Cavanaughs Music - 40 Cups Of Coffee (Shellac) adverts from the s.

You can find a video of the first track from the EP available on youtube. Artwork based on photo by Jay Mantri. Dissonant tripstep with jazz influences, very trippy stuff this third spaceship twisting your sense of space and time. This anthology album was conceived by the founder of the project Emiliano Pietrini as a portrait of Globoscuro's sonic path that crosses, through Talk About It - Impossible Odds - Against All Odds flows and heterogeneous architectures, the river of time floating from to condensed into 3 CDs for a total of 42 tracks A result of a simple and direct production.

Himalayha's music does not escape its cinematic essence, using piano, strings, minimal electronic Bringers Of Fear - Metastasis - The Essence That Precedes Death field recordings captured from various environments Released as complementary music for his latest and recently published novel O invisivel, a sua sombra e o seu reflexo.

Enough Records Radio Show, curated by the label's head ps, two hours of sounds taken from the Enough Records eclectic and extensive back-catalogue. With a very wide mix of influences ranging from post punk, death rock, industrial, space rock, lofi experimental electronics and krautrock we present to you Polish author and poet A. Kaufmann with his latest full album release of his own unique music style, self-refered as brutalist rock Latest album from long term Enough Records collaborator Martin Rach from Lithuania, exploring some Unfinished Loops in his usual tripstep jazz influenced way.

Expect eerie settings, deep wobbling bass sounds, cinematic constructs and strong silences dominating the structure of the tracks An experimental journey through the existential psychology of the cosmic void.

Debut album of portuguese project r s v. Electronic ambient sounds with a cinematic vibe and influences from IDM. Chillout ambient electronic mini album by EE7A. Also check out the release video for Phase Two track. Split vinyl album between long time Enough Records collaborators dSCi and the duo Parpartwo Portuguese projects sharing tours and a sensibility for the punk-rock free jazz type of sounds.

This album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Milo Gomberoff at Hukot studio in Barcelona Broadcast at FutureMusic. Vocals on track 4 by Remeya Kingston. Samples on track 9 taken from the Fencepost Reclamation Project. Enough Records Radio Show, curated by the label's head ps, one hour of sounds from the Enough Records eclectic and extensive back-catalogue. Four tracks of a P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 through time and space. Dark ambient cinematic sounds riddled with field recordings and influences from shoegaze and breakcore.

Broadcast first at FutureMusic. FM on 2nd of September Photo by Scott Webb. Orbis Alius is a collaborative experimental music project with participants from across the globe. It attempts to express what it would be like to travel to another dimension and back again with music This episode featuring special mixtape by DunJIN.

FM on 19th of August This episode featuring special mixtape by OKAM. FM on 5th of August This episode featuring special mixtape by Thomas Park. FM on 22nd of July Cinematic dark ambient album by Russian project Alex Mason. Do you believe in spirits? At a time when only the sacred word coulds heal from unknown and painful ailments This episode focused on different electro sounds, with a short selection of tracks by our artist Chuzausen near the end Walter Teixeira delivers another EP of excellent postrock cinematic sounds.

Here we are dear Torrentech folks, my latest album of reworks and remixes is out there and I have to say this will be my last on here. Torrentech has been a great adventure, but I need to seek out other ways of distributing my stuff, maybe unconventional ways like this project we did with Really Records: putting usb keys with tracks on them in a forest.

This album is my way of saying goodbye and goodluck for this great netlabel, always open for challenging music. As for the album itself, as the name would suggest, it's mainly based on tracks and samples which the speed is lowered.

It seems P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 is a whole movement of this kind now, and I think it's an effect of our P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 rapid society. People seem to run out of time constantly and I'm one of those who would gently say But this I Love You Because - Johnny Cash - The Collection is more than just reducing speeds, it mixes different attitudes, languages, sound producing technologies, to try and bring this diversity in an eclectic album.

Now that I have listened to it multiple times I can say it has an ever deeper message, but that's something you have to find out. I created it without thinking too much about it, just feeling it I'm like a zombie controlled by a subconscious process while creating music hahaha.

The analysis P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 comes afterwards. So, what's your interpretation? And most importantly, does it move you emotionally? Slow Motion album by Re-Drum. A concept that joins all these tracks together is slowing down of samples and loops from original tracks. Overall feeling of the album is ambiental P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 relaxing, but in the same time very psychedelic.

Exception from this format is track 6 which is pure techno madness, a real underground beast which pulsates hypnotically. This is supposed to be the last Re-Drum's release on Torrentech netlabel. That fact kind of make sad, but I fully understand his decision, we're really a small underground netlabel and it's almost a miracle when the artist of his calibre gives that much music for free.

Re-Drum obviously understood our intention to release only good stuff, and nothing but a good stuff was coming from his kitchen! Thanks Re-Drum, huge thanks! So this is my third release. I must say I really enjoyed making these tracks. What I wanted to do here, or what came up, is combine something "melancholic" and dark with a more powerfull and optimistic feel if that's possible.

Mood through the album and through some tracks is constantly changing. I guess I like all forms of electronic music, well not all but many, and I hope you like my work. Thanks again to the tT people and of course my friends that made this happen. Boxmode's new release is resurrecting our netlabel from dead :. And it's quite good resurrection I may say. It's deep techno with strong minimal and hypnotic edge, suitable for even for ambiental listening, especially Love You Better - Vic Moan - Skinny Man few tracks.

Latter ones are bit more glitchy with emphasized kickdrums, so finally it's safe to conclude we have a nice logical progression through tracks, while consistently sounding with no lack of concept.

This album is more tan just samples over my stuff or a big mashup It's more an P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 to a certain kind of experimentalism that happened after WWII, a sort of re-interpretation of the psychedelic experience. I'm not talking about the new psy, even if I like some stuff psychill mostly.

It's more towards rock music. But you can P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 dance on it. Some tracks are more suitable for home listening than others.

I would say the first half is really made for home listening P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 the second part has a more Club appeal. Hope you'll enjoy Immortal - Sons Of Northern Darkness one, maybe one of my best, put lots of effort into it. Illegal Narcotic Ride is album with an unusual atmosphere. Samples from 60ies and 70ies psychedelic P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 all around.

Add modern vibes and techniques to that, and you get the exciting mixture of past and present. Starting with ambiental tracks with experimental edge, flowing P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 dub techno and deep house.

Lizard King Dub comes as a sort of intermezzo track, and is my favorite here. This album is certanly not the most digestible album from Re-Drum yet, but its value lies in deep introspection of composer.

Finally, Re-Drum noted himself he feels it's maybe his best release. Composed between January and March"Ethereal Creature" is an album in which I tried to express some strange feelings that I'm testing in this period of my life, most of all the feeling of uncertainty. But, even if we are not sure of what we have to do or what we want to do in life, I think there will be anyway a part of our soul that dreams and hopes, and that will not be defeated by any period of difficulty.

That's, in my opinion, the ethereal creature that lives in everyone. Photo and cover concept: Francesca Pillon. Thank you! Let your mind rest from all kinds of rushs of modern world by listening to Ethereal Creature by Cryxuss. Once again, Torrentech's bringing pure aural bliss.

This music makes me wonder why this is not a mainstream at all, in any sense? There's good reason for it and the answer lies in detachment from ourselves while struggling for survival in this wrong world, fighting for wrong aims.

Questions arising are: Am I introspective enough? Can I really feel it? Can I even relax enough? At least, these vibes should definitely help in achieving those peaceful states of mind So I decided to re-release this after the label that previously released those tracks TFE records closed in Jan. See this re-release as me saying fuck off! I feel everything is moving so fast around me, my creativity is at his best but something is not right and I think it has to do with the Sun it's a theory.

I feel so different since this year for the betterand I'm trying to build a different musical project. P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2I think it's one of my best, especially Microcosmos. It has some kind of natural repetition that I will keep for my future works. I'm also able to say the track I'm disliking the most atm is Relax I think the track is too easy deep house. Anyway, enjoy this one, it's still FREE!

Maybe you already have listened to Microcosmos, but that doesn't matter at all Good album such this is deserves to be re-released and heard again, possibly finding its path to some new admirers of Re-Drum's expression. This is the deepest deep house with dub elements you can imagine.

This music P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 you the inner peace and it's even visually intensive: I can associate it very well with some dreamy natural paysages. If you missed this gem, it's not ever late finding it out This is my first collection of tunes I would like to release to the world. The tunes are little snippets of my journey of what I've been making over this time period. I hope you enjoy. VST used: Reaktor 5. Torrentech netlabel was always specially pleased to release debut albums.

Stolen Goods by Bloomer White is another one. Given the fact this is the first "official" output from him, I would call this album nothing short of outstanding. Calming Downtempo beats in IDM style, with some female vocals are really good way to get down and relax. No matter it's musical debut from Bloomer White, this music sounds so mature and I personally enjoy it very much. Picking favorite tracks from amazing albums like this was always a meaningless task to some extent but I'd still love P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 point out to some real gems like Contex and Tape Deckin.

Absolutely lovable and full of inspiration. Download immediately, that's an order :. I have produced music for 15 years now, which of majority I have spent with trackers.

In other words, I come from the Masterpiece - Pig Pen - .Prick. For the past few years I've worked as a freelancing game music composer, but I shove out the occasional "just for fun" song too whenever I feel like it.

The music that I usually make when no one's telling me what to do varies greatly, from ambient to dnb and from 8-bit nintendo stuff to industrial, so keeping this release within certain genre limits was a real pain.

In fact, I originally planned to make a full-lenght album, but when I finally got all the songs finished, I realized two of them didn't fit at all. So EP it is.

Big up to Xerxes an insanely good ambient P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2google him for pushing me to make an actual album of sorts instead of just crapping out single songs whenever I felt like it, and huge thanks to McJay and Mog for the cover art. Equipment used: Composed, arranged and mixed in Renoise and Chibitracker.

Mastered in Soundforge 9. Lay down and relax. Put your headphones on and isolate yourself from this world so you can seriously enjoy chilled beats and landscape-like melodies of Motionless. It's difficult to find proper words for describing this music, but I'm sure it floats very well and it's very consumable. Audio production is great too, Ceekayed's is definitely hearing it, and it's more interesting because it's done in some non-mainstream tools like Renoise and Chibitracker.

Thanks a lot! My LP intends to translate the feelings of this "non-human woman" into sounds, through all the passages of her new life, from the "rebirth" to the end, which is represented by the P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 of her non-humanity and the impossibility of turning back to the real life. It's named after a female character from Solaris by Stanislav Lem. This beautiful ambiental music is mostly for relaxed background listening and spinning over and over again.

It is conceptual album with deeper introspective story about inspiration and intentions. Because this is definitely not for fast consumers, try to listen to it in its full length and even put it on rotation. It P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 brings a positive and calming mood with a bit of a P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 feel. TT mix is out. It's my selection of best tracks from TT to TT Trying to put so much different sounding tracks together is challenging, but in the same time one rewarding job which gives the most pleasure doing it.

Let's try to give some P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 of the flow: First we go with easy ambiental but rhythmic tracks melting into dub variant of similar vibe by Josh Winiberg and Re-Drum. Then we P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 more experimental with some help of breaks and glitches by Tweak. Such eclectic mixes are not common, but it's certanly the part of Torrentech philosophy - celebrating and loving the electronic music in every possible form.

I wish to specially thank the artists involved with netlabel and then the whole tT crew which is following this hell of a nice journey we have here A mix of random experiments and bits of tune ranging in age from to now - various different styles and feels.

I am really bad at talking about my own work, so I'll let you make your own opinion! There's even one track that can be classified as not-standard Dubstep, and overall you get that experimental feel when you listen to it. While consuming this album, you never know what will happen next, and this may be the greatest P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 of it.

Crow - Negocius Man - The Bridge it's all so close personal and subjective when it comes to listening to stuff like this All in all, you probably already know if you're I Tried To Leave You - Leonard Cohen - The CBS Collection for it.

Sparque - Take Some Time album is a collection of unreleased remixes I have accumulated since For most of the remixes, I tried to keep the spirit of the original mix, not going too far but still creating my own interpretation. Also the first track is a remix of a remix and the last one is a collage using only justin bieber's "music". Our most devoted artist at Torrentech netlabel is back again.

You guess It's Re-Drum. This time, we're able to enjoy his visions of tracks written by some other composers, in popular language known as remixes :. Re-Drum is once again showing us the understanding for wide range of styles in electronic music, and almost every track on this album is in some other subgenre ranging from Ambient and Dub Techno, across Electro, Tribal House and Glitchstep to Techno and Trance.

It's hard to give a common attribute in such diversity, but P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 music can be good or bad, I will be free to say that this is very good. The first impression I had when I listened to the final result of this project is how much it's personal.

I made all the tracks with others people music, P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 to take the soul of the past and bring it back to life in a modern way. Recycling, reinterpreting, reassambling. I think everyone can do that in their way and all their collages will sound different. Even if they use the same samples. It's like a picture of you and your soul at a certain time. It's personal also because of its sadness, melancholia or hope, because I was facing hard times during the production of this album.

And it's better now and I'm really happy with the result of what I call an experiment. And I think this album fits perfectly the electronic music genre, because of this idea to go forward by looking backward if you get what I mean.

The album is pretty downtempo as an essence, chillout but some parts are Troll - I Am Kawehi - Evolution, sometimes with saturated guitars P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 is quite rare in edm.

I think it's hard to categorize it, I find it has its own style, and I hope you'll enjoy it. Re-Drum's new album is pretty much conceptual one. He sampled only music from year and managed to mix it into P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 chilling and mature downtempo album.

Really it's not much electronic to be honest, but given the usage of samples, looping and effects it quite fits into general electronic music vibe. As for the album itself, the first impression is that it's so so chilled and consistent. Nice and easy, it doesn't consume too much power to fully understand it It's ecological - recycle or die, someone said once Thanks to syncopaint for cover art graphics!

Also he has played his music in several parties of Mexico City. He runs his own netlabel, Heromlabs Records. Heromlabs Records starts on january with the main objective, share his music all around the world.

His headquarters are established in Mexico city. He runs the netlabel and various of his projects like: [Noise], Dr. He P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 invited to collaborate with Toxicpro Records onthere he worked in some radio programs, event production and compilations.

Genre: Ambient, P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 Ambient, Drone. Time for some zero-beat dark ambient stuff. Essentially minimal and fairly hard to understand and adopt. Almost a counterpart to music itself. To be honest, it's hard to even call it P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 music, because there is no intense and playful melody, there is rhythm, too.

It's more of a sound texture, but that doesn't lower its value, it's a P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 concept. It's P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 you need to fully switch on and dig deep while consuming this, finding some deeper meanings in the process.

Those are the reasons I just can't resist to release this kind of music Be brave and try to really enjoy it. Not much to say. Different styles again, from angered beats to silly happy tunes and monotonus "hypnotic" as pyc said loops. Much respect to the people working in tT netlabel. Perhaps they don't realize the size of significance of their efforts. Here we have another Minimal release on tT netlabel.

As far as I'm concerned, Minimal is pretty much of a slippy ground, because many artists gone too far and started making soulless trips, with no point P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 all, more like random sounds on a pile. Well, that is certanly not the case with Boxmode's Illogic album: it's a sensible and experienced journey coming out from an artist P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 obviously know what the P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 is.

That's especially the case with hypnotic and pulsating beast called Hull. My warmest recommendation is to listen to that track as loud as possible, there you may find the essence of darkest clubbing man can think of.

This is not a mix. This is one continuous song that I just kept adding to and adding to until it was this long. It was written in Reason for use in live performance along side a Roland Juno Total production time is P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 over 3 months. Sonik's new album Overload P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 actually one track lasting 90 mins.

One theme after another, it flows naturally, and often there are no distinct borders, it just evolves. As for style, this piece can be categorized as Electro with occasional IDM feel, melting with Techno somewhere in the middle. Sonik is experienced producer who gives equal attention to both structure and sounds. Happy downloading Big ups to everyone who supported me throughout the years with my music creation. I probably wouldn't of released this without everyone irking me to finally release something.

This is a compilation of many different tunes P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 have done over the years, starting back in when I was 15, to now inwhich I am now 18 going on 19 in about a month. I chose Concerto No. 1 In G Major: A Tempo Giusto – Allegro – Adagio – Allegro – Allegro - Händel* / Academy name Instrumentally Challenged because it's true.

I can sorta play the piano, and kind of the drums, but that's about it. And everything you hear in this album was digitally composed via Reason 4. I was instantly hooked.

Then next year in school, my Social Studies teacher Mr. Epstein showed me Reason, and taught me how to use it. Ever since then, I've Nobody Loves You Like I Do - Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Works Volume 1 making music non-stop. After several good listens I can only say it's P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 hell of a good start for this young producer.

I first began Fairytale a couple of years back, when I first began producing seriously the tracks are older than Game Over. It was written over the course of a year, when I first moved to Berlin, then continued in Salzburg New love and new places are the inspiration and motivation, as well as a fascination with the newly discover joy of production. Since the pieces were written quite Up & Down - Cubiky - 3 while back, I spent a long time going over them, trying to get a tidier production.

But the pieces were a kind of house of cards, and the balance of imbalances held them together. The better I made them, the worse they got. So I've decided to leave the album almost as it was written originally, apart from a few slight changes. Sometimes we have to know when to accept past Mixup - Jimmy Lunceford & His Orch.* - Mixup / Blue Afterglow (Shellac) for what P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 are and to leave them be.

The only newer tracks are the collaborations with Re-Drum, who I enjoy working with very much. John OCallaghan Feat.

Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky album features the Cyan remix I did from his album Colours, as well as a new remix from him. We're working on a collaboration album right now, when we both find the time between our own projects, and I'm very excited about what the future brings! So watch this space.

Ambiental music with a rhythmic background is maybe what best describes the Fairytale album by Josh Winiberg. This music is thoughtful, deep, joyful and relaxing. Definitely very well worth spending some bandwidth and time. The pulsar, a rapidly spinning neutron star, was discovered in by Antony Hewish and Jocelyn P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2.

Quasars also emit radio waves and radiation but are not technically stars. In fact, they are the brightest objects in the universe, more luminous than several thousand galaxies put together. My aim, with this EP, was to tell the story of these two entities. The pulsating vibe and spacious sounds for Pulsars, the high level of energy in Quasars.

Some people may have noticed that Josh Winiberg Flint Eastwood at tT and me are often working together. In fact, we are collaborating in a new album under the name of "Carbon Robots" Stay tuned, a taste of the new album is coming with a little introduction video. Also, I've included a video featuring the original mixes, P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 you to have a full audiovisual experience of the EP.

Another release is planned with Dark Invader's netlabel Ground:zero facebookfeaturing a remix of Quasars. P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 new release is here.

Yeah, pure quality is expected and he surely didn't let us down! So it's pretty much of a variety, but still giving us the same consistent vibe while consuming it.

Standardly amazing as all previous works, this album is very well worth listening. A nice video for both original tracks is included. Socialist Republic of Torrentech is presenting the best tracks choosen from 9 previous releases, in the form of a mix.

I'm seriously in love with these tracks, and there's not much more that I can tell about them, except maybe that this mix is really eclectic, like all the previous Best How Do You Do It - Gerry & The Pacemakers - Its Still Rock And Roll mixes.

Once again I wish to say thanks to all the contributing artists for sharing their inspiration with us and adopting P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 fact that the Run Of The Mill - Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla is free, no matter what some may say. Let them live in their blinded world Until they hopefully learn to appreciate basic freedoms and computer technology.

P2P is everybody's friend. Conjury Duty begins with the impression that there are two forces fighting for attention, or that something off-beat is attempting to break through otherwise approachable music. The fight ends abruptly with the first song, "PCve Agrrshnn," and it becomes clear which force has won the battle.

We are taken to a very dark place, perhaps the deep sea, perhaps the middle of the woods on the darkest night of the year without Lovesick - Various - The Best Of Acid Jazz Volume III source of light and, surely, alone.

Unable to see, we are left to feel our way through the anxiety-inducing eerie and ominous sounds. Nyctophobics beware. This album is for listeners who take the long way home. Here we have our tT netlabel artist releasing under different alias.

So it's Push-Button Saviour a. FIDM, giving us a bit more experimental trip on his new release. This is mind-intensive music, always unpredictable both in the means of structure and sound, begging you to be focused while you listen to it, and then the whole new world may emerge.

Or should I say landscape? Or should I just P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 It's m. What we have here is the first Torrentech remix compilation!

It's natural that we came to this point because of the strong online community that is responsible for plenty of friendships and ideas of remixing each others work. Remixes are really not constrained by genre the original track is, so we have some dubstep beast here made over smooth dnb or even a pure disco-house remix of IDM track, so yes It's weird and pretty much P07 - Kosmoplovci - Kooitriplex 2 listening.

Torrentech artists, thank you for taking a part in this remixing project, and for your effort to push things on a next level of communication. The resulting recordings were made available for streaming via www. After failed attempts at clearing unlicensed samples used in it's creation, I've decided to make it available for free via Torrentech. The songs that make up "Donations And Medications" were written during a turbulent period which involved massive changes taking place all at once: being laid off from a job, a breakup with a girlfriend, and a forced change of residence.

The "Push-Button Saviour" or PBS was initially a nickname given to the system made up of the aforementioned PowerMac computer plus the keyboards and controllers which were used to create this music.

The PBS was a configuration of devices which, seemed to - at the push of several buttons - make all symptoms of emotional distress as well as the ability to perceive the passage of time vanish into thin air, thus providing a form of temporary 'salvation'.


Push - Dover - Devil Came To Me, Heaven Knows You Will - Easyworld - Til The Day, Nineteen - Various - Paink (French Punk Anthems 1977​-​1982), IV - The Great White Light - Hatesworn - Transcend Moral Limitations To Evoke Pure Negativity Until, Numai Tu - O-Zone - DiscO-Zone, My Sweet Shadow - In Flames - Used And Abused...In Live We Trust (DVD), One Of These Days - Pink Floyd - Shining Paris, Banjo Medly: - Buell Kazee - Buell Kazee, Id Rather Go Blind - Chicken Shack - Id Rather Go Blind, Wild Bills 2006 Year End Medley - Various - X-Mix Dance Series 90, You Dont Have To Say You Love Me - Various - Tribute To Elvis, The Life You Offered Me - Leroy Van Dyke - The Great Hits Of Leroy Van Dyke, Still As The Night - Gaye Blades - The Gaye Blades, Troll - I Am Kawehi - Evolution, Creak Of The Tree - Zgard / Prohod - Ascension: Paramatman

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    mirko petrovic - track01 ( / MB) mirko petrovic - track02 ( / MB) mirko petrovic - track03 ( / MB) mirko petrovic - track04 ( / MB) mirko petrovic - track05 ( / MB) mirko petrovic - track06 ( / MB) mirko petrovic - track07 ( / MB).
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    studiosound release kooitriplex 2, sequel to kooitriplex, a selection of ambient works from kosmoplovci musicians. along with previously unreleased tracks, it contains remastered versions of music featured in killerclouds, migracija, the next letter and detmen.

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