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Earthwalker (Instrumental) - Monkey Sons - The Chronicles Of Banania: Legend Of The Monkey Sons (Fil

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Download Earthwalker (Instrumental) - Monkey Sons - The Chronicles Of Banania: Legend Of The Monkey Sons (Fil

Jason B. Denis O'halleron. The Artificer. Dark Shot. Sascha Geier. Jeff Bates. Paper Jeff. James Gant. Damien Von Oslo. Mista Websta. Robert Farmer. Graham Wiggins. Includes full PDF artwork by Crespo. Purchasable with gift card. Limited run shrink wrapped digipak CD with full Earthwalker (Instrumental) - Monkey Sons - The Chronicles Of Banania: Legend Of The Monkey Sons (Fil artwork by Crespo. Bound To Be X-Ray Eyes Version The Numbers Game Ingrid Bergman, who scandalized Hollywood by having a child out of wedlock.

Ida Lupino, who directed. Marilyn Monroe, the biggest blond sex bomb ever, who married baseball star Joe Di Maggio and playwright Arthur Miller, bonked the Kennedys, and committed suicide. Elizabeth Taylor, who transitioned from child star to sex symbol to dramatic actress, and married whoever she wanted at the time. Doris Day, the total 50s icon. Barbra Streisand, who directed. Sophia Loren, international sex symbol and dramatic actress.

Jeanne Moreau, darling of cineastes everywhere. Earthwalker (Instrumental) - Monkey Sons - The Chronicles Of Banania: Legend Of The Monkey Sons (Fil Signoret, leftwing activist married to leftwing husband Yves Montand. Susan Sarandon, leftwing activist with leftwing husband Tim Robbins.

Some other movie women to know about 1. Alice Guy-Brache, who was the first director ever. She made the first scripted feature, the second 2.

Dawn Steel, Difficult - Dev79 - Distinct Stance was president of Columbia Pictures.

Edith Head, Oscar-winning costume designer. But what do they want, after all? He delved into his darkest, deepest male self, El Dificil Facil - Ismael Rivera Y Sus Cachimbos - De Colores lurk fire-breathing dragons and muscle-bound sword-swinging he-men with bazookas strapped to gonads of steel.

Macho movies. Hard men. Mano a mano. Tough decisions. Fast action. Often, death. Yes, beautiful, satisfying, lip-smacking, finger-licking death. Scarface Al Pacino as vicious Miami gangleader 3. The Wild Bunch William Holden in last stand of aging gunfighters 3. Enter The Dragon Bruce Lee in best kung fu movie Point Blank Lee Marvin wants his money back from his old gang Dirty Harry Clint Eastwood as cop who plays dirty to get his man The Wages of Fear French thriller -- Yves Montand drives truck over treacherous roads with explosive load Bullitt She Wears Red Feathers - Guy Mitchell - She Wears Red Feathers McQueen as the cop who gets his man — best car chase ever Earthwalker (Instrumental) - Monkey Sons - The Chronicles Of Banania: Legend Of The Monkey Sons (Fil North Si Tuviera Un Martillo - America - Tulio Enrique Leon - Mas Ritmo! Forty Nick Nolte as a much-injured football player Semi-Tough Burt Reynolds as a football player The Big Lebowski Jeff Bridges as a fucked-up loony layabout Cool Hand Luke Paul Newman as a Sometimes You Just Cant Win - Loretta Lynn - I Like Em Country prison legend The Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger as a robot from the future come to whack humans The Dirty Dozen Lee Marvin trains convicts for dangerous war mission The Searchers John Wayne hunts for girl kidnapped by Indians The Longest Yard convicts take on guards in football game Deliverance Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight and friends caught by hillbillies on river expedition Mad Max Mel Gibson in first of post-apocalyptic road movies Braveheart Mel Gibson leads Scots against English king Spartacus Kirk Douglas leads slave revolt against Rome Slap Shot Paul Newman in ice-hockey movie Goodfellas young man wants to make it in Mafia Goldfinger Sean Connery as James Bond Rocky local boxer Sylvester Stallone gets a shot at championship Diehard Bruce Willis vs.

The Matrix Keanu Reeves in brainy sci-fi thriller The Maltese Falcon Humphrey Bogart as private eye in classic noir Blade Runner Harrison Ford tracks down replicants in future world The Right Stuff the real life of early astronauts Patton George C. Scott as fiery WW2 general Death Race future race to death in fun sci-fi Robocop man revived as robot polices city Down By Law three weird guys meet in New Orleans Taxi Driver Robert De Niro takes psychopathic revenge Rollerball James Caan in violent sci-fi game The Last Detail Jack Nicholson takes dumb private to jail Blazing Earthwalker (Instrumental) - Monkey Sons - The Chronicles Of Banania: Legend Of The Monkey Sons (Fil Mel Brooks spoofs the western Caddyshack hilarious goings-on at a country club with Chevy Chase and Bill Murray Shaft black private eye INXS - Listen Like Thieves chicks North by Northwest Cary Grant on the run, accused of murder Hud Paul Newman as a never-do-well cattle rancher The Hustler pool hustling On the Waterfront Marlon Brando in corrupt union world Le Grand Bouffe four guys decide to eat themselves to death, and do a little screwing, too Unforgiven gunman Clint Eastwood hired by prostitutes to avenge them Diner boys become men in New Jersey Fight Club Brad Pitt as fighter Oldboy Korea — bizarre revenge movie Stripes Bill Umbi - Swami - Desi Nu Skool Beatz in funny army movie Office Space office shenanigans Swingers young guys in Hollywood Death Wish Charles Bronson as vigilante avenger Highplains Drifter gunman Clint Eastwood comes to town to clean it up First Blood Vietnam vet Sylvester Stallone settles a few war scores The Samurai Alain Delon in cool French gangster movie Ronin crime on the Riviera with Robert De Niro The Professional little girl teams up with hitman Jean Reno Saturday Night and Sunday Morning working-class Earthwalker (Instrumental) - Monkey Sons - The Chronicles Of Banania: Legend Of The Monkey Sons (Fil in England Troy Brad Pitt as Greek war hero Achilles Sports Illustrated's Greatest Sports Movies 1.

Bull Durham baseball, Kevin Costner 2. Rocky boxing, Sylvester Stallone 3. Raging Bull boxing, Robert De Niro 4. Hoop Dreams basketball documentary 5. Stranger On The Shore - Billy Vaughn - Billy Vaughn Plays The Music You Remember Shot ice hockey, Paul Newman 6.

Hoosiers baseball 7. Olympia Nazi Olympics documentary 8. Breaking Away bicycling 9. Chariots of Fire Olympic running When We Were Kings Ali documentary — rumble in the jungle Dogtown and Z-Boys The Freshman The Endless Summer surfers North Dallas Forty football, Nic Nolte Brian's Song Caddyshack golf Chevy Chase Downhill Racer skiing Robert Redford Requiem for a Heavyweight boxing Anthony Quinn Pumping Iron body-building doc with Arnold Schwarzenegger The Set-Up The Hustler pool Paul Newman Searching for Bobby Fischer chess Horse Feathers Marx Bros The Bad News Bears National Velvet Drug Free Declaration - Building - In Time Well Grow racing, Elizabeth Taylor as girl Eight Men Out Rollerball violent sci-fi game, James Caan The Rookie Baseball Ken Burns documentary Vision Quest Fat City boxing, Jeff Bridges Everybody's All-American Million Dollar Legs Jerry Maguire sports agent Tom Cruise Field Earthwalker (Instrumental) - Monkey Sons - The Chronicles Of Banania: Legend Of The Monkey Sons (Fil Dreams baseball, Kevin Costner The Harder They Fall The Longest Yard football, Burt Reynolds Remember The Titans football, black coach integrates football team The Pride of the Yankees Fists of Fury kung fu Bruce Lee The Deadliest Season Grand Prix car racing Any Given Sunday It Happens Every Spring Phar Lap horse racing Best in Show dogs c.

The Guyest Guys in movies The rest are all pretty boys or wimps. Bruce Willis? Brad Pitt? Sean Connery: Dr. Best Teen Movies The Gonzo Guru remembers it only yesterday: raging hormones, incessant masturbation, highly annoying nymphets, never-used condoms, horrible teachers, horrible parents, horrible universe.

Sometimes only a good movie can get a teen through the crap of the day. Here they are, from giggles to gasps, from grisly to gross-out, from up-yours to all mixed-up. Strangelove, Being There 9. Best Over Movies Where are the old people in movies? BTW, keep your Viagra for yourself, and pass me a double Martini with four olives in it.

Two old codgers fight and fall in love. Old couple reaffirm their life-long love. Strange visitations. Prejudiced Southern Jewish old lady and her black chauffeur. Harold and Maude Ruth Gordon. Disturbed boy and madcap old lady fall in love. Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? Bette Davis, Jane Crawford. Two old sisters, one of whom was a bigger star than the other, who goes violently crazy. The Mother. Mother and daughter over 30 years. About Schmidt Jack Nicholson. Blood Work Clint Eastwood.

Former FBI agent called out of retirement to solve a two-year-old crime. Calendar Girls Helen Mirren. Group of middle-aged British homemakers decide to pose for nude calendar to raise money for local hospital. Cocoon Don Ameche, Hume Cronyn. Residents in senior community encounter aliens, who offer them the gift of eternal life.

Goodbye, Lenin! German Socialist mother falls into coma and recovers just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Son tries to recreate socialist Germany because he fears the shock of the change will kill her. Man reconnects with his son — and himself — in a small town populated by interesting characters. Eccentric brothers with mysterious pasts agree to let year-old nephew spend the summer. Mature romantic comedy. Wife dies, husband plunged into grief, spirits improve when he meets white dog only he can see.

Mature romance on doomed ship. Mommie Dearest Faye Dunaway. Joan Crawford abuses her daughter. Old crooks, out of jail after 30 years for train robbery, now try to steal the whole train. This list is guaranteed to kickstart your engine, Keith Moon your heartbeat, and kick-box your guts through your sternum.

Apocalypto directed by Mel Gibson 3. Aliens Sigourney Weaver 3. Point Blank Lee Marvin 4. The Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger 5. Speed Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock 6. Face-Off John Travolta 8. The Dirty Dozen Lee Marvin The French Connection Gene Hackman Bullitt Steve McQueen, best car chase Dirty Harry Clint Eastwood Enter The Dragon kung fu with Bruce Lee The Matrix Keanu Reeves Jaws Roy Schneider Star Wars Harrison Ford North by Northwest Cary Grant Die Hard 1 and 2 Bruce Willis Hard Boiled director John Woo La Femme Nikita French Predator 2 Clear and Present Danger Harrison Ford The Fugitive Harrison Ford True Lies Arnold Schwarzenegger Spiderman 1 and 2 Tobey MacGuire Kill Bill Vol.

The Bourne Identity Matt Damon Desperado Antonio Banderas Terminator 2: Judgment Day Arnold Schwarzenegger Alien vs. Predator black woman joins Predators in fight against Aliens Sin City Mickey Rourke episode Batman Michael Keaton in first Batman movie Batman Begins how did Batman begin? Armageddon Bruce Willis Oldboy Korean movie True Romance Dennis Hopper b. Action stars 1. Diehard is action; Raiders of the Lost Ark is adventure. The Gonzo Guru went to the ends of the earth for his top 50 adventure movies ever, which are the best ever, no doubt about it -- and if you have a problem with that, go rent a pirate ship to cross the Seven Seas to slay the dragon hoarding the treasure that can save the kingdom from a giant ape.

The Lord Of The Rings 1, 2, 3 Braveheart Mel Gibson Blade Runner sci, fi, Harrison Ford Scaramouche Stewart Granger Jurassic Park people-chomping dinosaurs Waterworld sci-fi, Kevin Costner The Prisoner of Zenda Errol Flynn The Thief Of Bagdad Excalibur King Arthur and Merlin Apollo 13 Tom Hanks King Kong Captain Blood Errol Flynn Greystoke: Legend Of Tarzan Earthwalker (Instrumental) - Monkey Sons - The Chronicles Of Banania: Legend Of The Monkey Sons (Fil Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight Star Wars The Mummy Brendan Fraser The Rocketeer Bill Campbell Gunga Din Errol Flynn Moby Dick Gregory Peck Yojimbo Japan, Toshiro Mifune Papillon Steve McQueen Zorro Antonio Banderas Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon high-class kung-fu The Right Stuff astronauts Top Gun Tom Cruise Troy Brad Pitt b.

Louis 60s Spartacus, Dr. No, Hatari! Best Comedies Some comedies make you chuckle gently throughout, because of their sophisticated wit and stinging repartee. Others make you pee in your pants because of some bizarre Earthwalker (Instrumental) - Monkey Sons - The Chronicles Of Banania: Legend Of The Monkey Sons (Fil. And when it comes to his sense of humor, he has high standards, which are based on one criterium: the scene in a Laurel and Hardy short where Ollie is caught between two rooms.

In the one room he is trying to diaper a rebellious baby. In the other room he is trying to iron his pants on a rebellious ironing board. This is the funniest scene Earthwalker (Instrumental) - Monkey Sons - The Chronicles Of Banania: Legend Of The Monkey Sons (Fil the history of movies, and every movie recommended in the following seven lists yes, SEVEN Earthwalker (Instrumental) - Monkey Sons - The Chronicles Of Banania: Legend Of The Monkey Sons (Fil up to that scene.

Now excuse me while I go catch my foreskin in a zipper. From slapstick to romantic comedy; from satire and black comedy to musical comedy; from comedy of manners to comedy of errors. Tootsie Dustin Hoffman 3. Strangelove Peter Sellers 4. Annie Hall Woody Allen 5. Duck Soup Marx Brothers 6. Blazing Saddles Mel Brooks 7. The Graduate Dustin Hoffman The Producers Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein Mel Brooks The General Buster Keaton.

The Apartment Jack Lemmon When Harry Met Sally Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan The Gold Rush Charlie Chaplin. Being There Peter Sellers. Ghostbusters Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray This Is Spinal Tap Raising Arizona Nicholas Cage The Thin Man Dick Powell.

Modern Times Charlie Chaplin Groundhog Fata Morgana - Ralphus Rex And The Andromeda All Stars* - Hairy Fantasies Bill Murray Harvey James Stewart. The Great Dictator Charlie Chaplin City Lights Charlie Chaplin Sullivan's Travels Joel McCrea Moonstruck Cher Big Tom Hanks My Man Godfrey Dick Powell Harold And Maude Ruth Gordon Manhattan Woody Allen Shampoo Warren Beatty Ninotchka Greta Garbo Arthur Dudley Moore The Lady Eve Barbara Stanwyck Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein It's A Gift W.

Fields Topper Cary Grant Barbra Streisand Sherlock, Jr. Buster Keaton Beverly Hills Cop Eddie Murphy Broadcast News Albert Brooks Doubtfire Robin Williams Bananas Woody Allen Caddyshack Chevy Chase Monkey Business Marx Bros Sleeper Woody Allen The Navigator Buster Keaton Private Benjamin Goldie Hawn Lost In America Albert Brooks City Slickers Billy Crystal Beetlejuice Michael Keaton The Jerk Steve Martin Fargo Frances McDormand Auntie Mame Rosalind Russell Bull Durham Kevin Costner The Court Jester Danny Kaye The Nutty Professor Jerry Lewis Good Morning, Vietnam Robin Williams b.

Great Classic Comics 1. The Three Stooges made short subject episodes for Columbia pictures. No full-length movies. Best Comedy Directors 1. The Front Page, Buddy Buddy 6. Police Squad! Top Secret! The Naked Gun, Hot Shots! Hot Shots! Part Deux Best comedy writers 1. First Family, To Die For 3. The Russians are Coming! Best Drama Dramas are serious. They cover major themes: woman and man; war and peace; the failure of success; the pain of intimacy.

They feature agonizing choices: love vs. The Gonzo Guru has been there in his own life. He bears enough scars and welts from trauma and tragedy to be able to tell a deep drama from the shallow scratch of a surface itch. Here are his top dramas. They will sear your soul and broil your emotions — as well as give you all the catharsis you need to cleanse your sticky, dusty, grimy conscience.

Citizen Kane Orson Welles 2. Nashville Robert Altman epic 4. All About Eve Bette Davis 5. The Night of the Hunter Robert Mitchum 6. Raging Bull Robert De Niro 8.

Casablanca Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman 9. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor Sunset Boulevard William Holden On the Waterfront Marlon Brando G Summer Mastered at CTS.

The title of track 12 is a German translation of the slang phrase "sweet as a nut". The catalogue number was previously given to the Live 93 Promo. Track D: Recorded at Airedel Studios. Sixteen-page booklet has notes and tracklists for Trance Europe Express from which all these tracks are sourced.

Note: Disc 1 has 16 songs but only 15 track marks on the CD only a few seconds of the Air Liquide track are played: times for track 1. MC1 is red, MC2 is green. MC2 cuts suddenly at the end of side A, and doesn't start from the beginning of the tape on side B.

The first was released in on the same label cat. Tracks 1 and 2 recorded 12 May Tracks 3 and 4 recorded 14 February A collection Earthwalker (Instrumental) - Monkey Sons - The Chronicles Of Banania: Legend Of The Monkey Sons (Fil Orb remixes.

Cover design inspired by Aboriginal artists. This is the European release, which comes in cardboard gatefold sleeve with a booklet. The later U. This first release of this was mixed in mono to the dismay of many fans. Only Material, Primal Scream and Innersphere are mixed in stereo. Deviant did a re-release several years later under the same catalog with a proper stereo mix. The only readable way to distinguish the two releases is via the CD manufacturer Armed For Peace - Jupiter Jax - Visions around the center ring.

Track is erroneously credited to Wire. Stampa Alternativa - Nuovi Equilibri December CD manufactured in Austria.

Track B: remixed at the Punishment Farm, London. Remember the Coach House! This version of the track is unique to this release, the CD5" has an edited version. The back has tracklists and credits covering both CDs. Track 4: Remixed at the Punishment Farm, London.

This single was released in a standard jewel case, the idea being that you transfer the disc to the 2CD-case that came with CD1. Track 3 'Rose Tinted' is an early version of the track 'Asylum'. All additional credits are taken from the full release.

Track A is the same full version that appeared on the vinyl version 12 IS Actual cat on the sticker is 12 IA DJ. All credits were taken from the official release. Track 5 is unique to this release.

Track 12 includes the six-second bit, the gap, and the of music at the end. It was named '72' because the gap pads the CD length out to Earthwalker (Instrumental) - Monkey Sons - The Chronicles Of Banania: Legend Of The Monkey Sons (Fil minutes. The original name for the final bit was 'Eros'. Edition of 1, copies. Track 1: Remixed for Time Plaza Productions. Recorded and mixed at Fronline Studio.

Picture cover used is adapted from 'A journey to Mars' circa Mastered at The Townhouse. Contains a sticker which has a returnable Orb Database Card on its back. It is a bit fuzzy which release is Part One and which Part Two.

The sticker on the front states this being Part One, but the CD and tracklisting on the back indicate this as Part Two. Credits are taken from the official release. Track B1: this is a unique version.

A, B: Remixed for stay Tuned Productions. Heavy vinyl, no groove etchings. Remixed at Berwick Street. Programmed at the Coach House. B1: Mixed at Matrix 4. B2: Programmed at Matrix 4. Mixed in Somewhere Studios, Tokyo, July ' Mixed in No Name Studio. C2: Recorded at Berwick Street. Programmed in Berlin at Lab Studios. Previously unreleased D2: Programmed at Sunsonic.

CD: UK Island;?? Disc One features only one previously unreleased track 'Mickey Mars'the second disc has more rarities. Tracks on both CDs are mixed together, hence the weird times on many tracks. The finger on the sleeve belongs to Nick at Madark, but it's LX's ring. Additional info: Recorded live at Trancentral. Labelled 'Dance Mix 2' and corrected in the tracklisting. Mixed at Matrix 4 on carpets. A2: Remixed at Million Dollar Studios.

B: Remixed for Stay Tuned Productions. B: remixed for Cosmack Management. A1: recorded at Lab, Berlin and Capri Digital. B: remixed at Chameleon Studios. Published by Chrysalis Music Ltd.

Track 2: Remixed for Cosmack Management. Remixed for Stay Tuned Productions. It's essentially the same as Version 1, but Jam on yer Honey from the first promo version replaces Freely Wheely, albeit in a slightly different edit. Dedicated to the memory of Bill 'Weasel' Bailey.

Recorded at Simon's house, Studioline and Capri Digital. Thanks to Denez Prigent for inspiration. Background photography and technical info by kind permission of NASA. Sleeve Dusk Digital, London. Track 4 is an remix of "Hamlet of Kings" from Orb - Cydonia. Track A is listed on badorb. Mixed Gunpoint. Recorded in Konkreet.

From the certificate: "This is to certify that the attached twelve inch recorded vinyl disc is one of no copies of BOB 4. This artist does not exist. It is not a collaboration by various Satan worshippers. You must not play this record. This 12" is a collaboration between Paterson, Fehlmann and Roedelius. Whilst the artwork is the same, a number of the tracks differ to Immortal - Sons Of Northern Darkness European release on Deviant Records.

Track B mixed in Konkreet Studio. Engineered by Duncan Gray the Sons of Slough bunker. B: Re-tuned by Tarquin and Santa Blackholestudios. Limited to copies with certificate of Orbthenticity. Designed in glorious greyscale by Tubby Tannhauser BadOrb.

Remixed Blackhole Studios, Souf London. Narration recorded at Blackhole Studios. Trumpet recorded at Blackhole Studios. Pre-production at E.


Down 4 Life (Muggs Clean Mix) - Jackers - Down 4 Life, Dear Old Fame - Hardcore Superstar - Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves), He, Who Liveth And Reigneth Forever - Sarkrista - Summoners Of The Serpents Wrath, Burnin Up - Ashlee Simpson - I Am Me, Toen Onze Mop Een Mopje Was - Het AVRO Kinderkoor* o.l.v. Herman Broekhuizen - Zingen Is Een Feest 2, Fata Morgana - Ralphus Rex And The Andromeda All Stars* - Hairy Fantasies, My Child - Disturbed - Asylum, Hard Up - Cosmo Baker / Pase Rock / Spank Rock - XXXplosive: The Mix, View Of One - Stick Together - Surviving The Times, Sunday - Various - The Jazz Round, Hunter S. Thompsons Younger Brother - Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Oh, I Guess We Were A Fucki, My Little Truth - TIKA - In A Cabin With, Cretin Hop - Ramones - Ramones Mania, The Michael Schenker Group - The Michael Schenker Group

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    Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios: Bound To Be, X-Ray Eyes ( Version), The Numbers Game, Why Must It Be a Dream?, Water Off A Monkey's Back ( Version), Diehard Lionheart Monkey Apaches, You Can't Walk, Earthwalker, Text Me the Answers.
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    House Charts for ! Click on the headings to expand that date. December 31st,
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    Limited run shrink wrapped digipak CD with full colour artwork by Crespo. Includes unlimited streaming of The Chronicles of Banania: Legend of the Monkey Sons via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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    Earthwalker (Instrumental) by Monkey Sons, released 05 October
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    The Chronicles of Banania: Legend of the Monkey Sons, an album by Monkey Sons on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
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    3 legged monkey: 3 loop music: 3 melancholy gypsies: 3 mill productions llc: 3 minute records: 3 monkeys: 3 monkies: 3 peace records: 3 roots audio: 3 shots productions llc: 3 soul recordings: 3 stripe: 3 syllables records: 3 to 1 music group: records: 30 hertz records: recordings: canada inc. records limited: 32 tuttle.
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    Akitaka Tohyama; 遠山明孝, Ryuichi Takada; 高田龍一, Go Shiina (Masaru Shiina); 椎名豪, Keiki Kobayashi; 小林啓樹, Monaca,Supersweep, Basiscape.

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